Calaveras Prospect

Man, or at least criminal man, has lost all enterprise and originality. As to my own little practice, it seems to be […]

Cambridge Inn

You know my method. It is founded upon the observation of trifles. My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to […]


National Medical Excess Corp

Every man there go back inside or we will blow a new crater in this little moon. You're welcome on my boat. […]

Ballard Spahr Andrews

Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius. Show Holmes a drop of water and he would deduce the […]


Olympic Graphic Arts

Whoa, this guy's straight? I care deeply for nature. Say goodbye to these, because it's the last time! As you may or […]


Petrox Oil Company

Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention? To the curious incident of the dog in the […]


Lowy Limousine Service

Course you couldn't buy an invite with a diamond the size of a testicle, but I got my hands on a couple. […]


Booty Boost Lifting

No! I was ashamed to be SEEN with you. I like being with you. As you may or may not know, Lindsay […]