Mpwr Show

Mpwr on Y FM: Engaging Young Voices, Fostering Positive Habits. Tune in this and every Sunday from 8pm- 10p on Y107.9 FM. Mpwr Show hosted by E.A. Gamor & Amma Aboagye. #ImpossibleIsNothing #MorePoWeR

Mpwr Show featured by Google Africa Connected as semi-finalists (Education category)

Y 107.9 FM is ‘The Official Frequency For The Young And Young @ Heart’. With years of experience in radio broadcasting, this creation of Global Media Alliance is providing the youth with the best contemporary program repertoire. Several presenter personalities, such as Super Soul Sister, Nana Kwame, DJ Blow are ensuring the quality of music for this hip station.

What is unique about Y FM is the satellite station at the Accra Mall. Y FM fans can conveniently take part in on-air forums and interviews, give “shout outs” to friends and family, and listen to quality music and programs while they shop. Facebook, twitter and shout outs application are online to empower communication with listeners of YFM, while web streaming and broadcasting maximize entertainment and reach to millions of people across country.