Workspace Global: Creating A Business that Fulfills a Need

Sydney Scott Sam, MBA + Workspace Global:

Study shows that 90% of all startups fail within their first five years. For the remaining 10%, 5 out of every 10 businesses fail within the next five years.
According to the study, there are several factors that contribute to businesses failing, one prominent one is that most businesses do not solve the needs of customers. This week on #IAMBITION Live

Chat Sydney Sam Scott and E.A Gamor will be providing solutions and tips on how to create a business that solves problems and fulfill customers’ needs in the market.

Don’t miss out on this educational conversation this Saturday with Workspace @6pm GMT.

Workspace Global:

Workspace Global:

We’re a brand communications firm designed superlatively for Africa’s entrepreneurs. We have gone completely virtual. Less paper; more ways to work on the pulse. We cater to business. Period. Whether you are big, small, local, or international. Workspace Global is tailored to align & run with you. We create sterling brand work that actually works; stripping away the “artsy” fluff and fancy advertising lingo. The world has caught up; you need to take it.

We are a full-service brand engagement agency, creating and building revolutionary brand experiences primarily through visual communication in Ghana, Africa, and worldwide. With unique strategic tools and a mix of well-crafted brand communication media, the Workspace holds the key to bridging the gap between brilliant business and its well-deserved market share.


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